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Takashi 'Shiro' Shirogane ist eine fiktive Figur im Medien-Franchise Voltron und Anführer der Voltron Force, die seinen ersten Auftritt in Voltron: Legendary Defender hatte. Shiro ist ein gutaussehnder, großgewachsener Mann. Er hat ein ehr breites Gesicht, mit breitem Nasenrücken und einer langen Narbe, die sich über diesen,​. Shiro, ist einer der von Takashi Shirogane, von Haggar und dem Galra Imperium für Operation Kuron. Funko Figura POP Shiro - Voltron bei b-ling.se | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Shiro armour Bilder, Voltron Klance, Shiro Voltron, Dreamworks, Rollenspiel, Rough idea before turning in T3T; Shiro | Keith | Pidge | Hunk | Lance Lotor |.

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Shiro, ist einer der von Takashi Shirogane, von Haggar und dem Galra Imperium für Operation Kuron. Shiro muss schmerzliche Erinnerungen wachrufen, denn ein böser Riesenroboter bedroht den Frieden auf dem Planeten Arus und fordert die Löwen zum. Posen Zeichnen, Zeichnungen, Bilder, Shiro Voltron, Voltron Klance, Dreamworks, Wassermann. Quelle: b-ling.se Mehr dazu. Find this Pin and more on.

I kept me trap shut on social media, but I was bothered by it a lot. We didn't have to see it there, did we? He also acknowledged in it that there were boundaries in place as to how they could portray LGBT representation in the show.

Controversy also swirled around the on-screen wedding between Shiro and Curtis, with a number of critics and fans characterizing it as poor LGBT representation.

Renaldo Matadeen of CBR in his official review, opined, "There's no love or warmth here, and it feels like the series retroactively tried to pony up a relationship in apology for the Shiro drama.

But it's another debacle that feels fake, forced, and patronizing Instead of being progressive, these moments simply come off like disrespectful, lazy patch jobs.

Despite some attempts to the contrary, whatever Legendary Defender tried to do ended up being superficial and totally upended the social impact intended.

Schedeen of IGN wrote, "That said, it would be far more effective to see one of these animated shows acknowledge their LGBT heroes from the very beginning and not save moments like these for the literal last minute; with that rushed reveal after spending no time establishing Shiro's new relationship or even hinting at it , Voltron relies too much on the audience's affection for Shiro to give the moment resonance, rather than earning an emotional response from its storytelling.

It was admitted in the final AfterBuzzTV interview that the entire conceptualization and creation of Shiro's wedding epilogue was added in less than a day, in attempt of an olive branch to the LGBT community.

Criticism of editing primarily regarded LGBT issues, though some were general observations. On October 22, , a series of leaks of the final episode appeared online of the wedding, in which a different character was seen marrying Shiro.

Further controversy followed with the release of the final season, where Shiro is married to Curtis. In the English audio description, Curtis is referred to as Adam [51] though he is once mentioned to be Curtis in the closed captions of a different episode.

The error has since been corrected, but a number of fans have noted this as "evidence" of the "tacked-on" nature of the epilogue.

The supervising producer, episode director, storyboard artist, and animator Kihyun Ryu posted on his Instagram on September 12 a piece of Shiro material, weeks before the season was sent to be dubbed into other languages.

In the comments, the show runners tell him to "make it beautiful. In particular, Ezor's role in Season 8 caused controversy.

Multiple languages referred to the character as dead in Season 8's "The Grudge". Carli Squitieri, the storyboard revisionist on "The Grudge", stated on social media after the release of Season 7, "Ezor should have lived, but that's another story I'm not under the authority to speak about.

Fans began a petition for the alleged original season the version that supposedly existed prior to severe editing , to be released.

The petition has garnered over 30, signatures. Speaking in an interview with the "Let's Voltron" podcast Joaquim Dos Santos denied the existence of an alternate cut of season eight.

The series was marred by the extraordinarily poor behavior on the part of a number of its fans. Death threats were issued to many within the Voltron cast and crew, [56] particularly to the showrunners Dos Santos and Montgomery and voice actors Josh Keaton and Bex Taylor-Klaus.

A fan demanded that Keith and Lance be written to be romantically involved with one another and threatened to publicly post private internal documents related to the show until the two male characters became a couple.

There is always someone more powerful with lore control keep the gates shut. I assure they cared more than anybody. Three comic series detailing events happening in between episodes were announced in January Taking story ideas that were deemed too outlandish and too epic to be contained in a minute episode from the animated series, these comic series bridges the time lapse between seasons.

Despite original statements of continuing into Volume 4, LionForge opted to cancel its contract. Its only response in regards to the matter was a brief tweet of an article from Geekdad in regards to the matter.

The first miniseries consisted of five issues, published by Lion Forge Comics. A special cover variant of issue 1 was available at San Diego Comic-Con in , with a limited release of copies.

During the Voltron: Legendary Defender panel at WonderCon , it was announced that the second series of five issues would debut in May The story takes place in between the season 2 episodes "Shiro's Escape" and "Greening the Cube.

Volume 3 debuted on July 11, A box set for seasons has been released as of June To promote the series in between the release of season 1 and 2, a Robeast fanart contest was announced via social media on October 18, A real-time strategy video game based on the series, called Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion , created by indie developer Gbanga , was entered into and won the Universal GameDev Challenge.

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Retrieved July 21, Retrieved October 5, During today's panel, showrunner Lauren Montgomery noted that viewers would meet Adam, Shiro's significant other, during the seventh season of the show.

The two men were heading towards marriage, but Shiro broke things off to join the Kerebos mission instead. SBS Sexuality. January 5, Nerd Reactor.

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Retrieved July 17, Retrieved January 22, Retrieved January 26, Retrieved January 27, Retrieved January 25, Retrieved April 24, He's always been much more eloquent than I, and I thank him wholeheartedly for crafting this heartfelt letter to hopefully shed some light on this subject for the fans".

Retrieved March 4, — via YouTube. Retrieved February 17, August 10, Retrieved February 22, August 14, Retrieved December 31, Therefore he made the decision to designate Keith as the new team leader in the event of his death.

In the following of his return, his personality has become harsher as well as becoming more dominant in his role as leader - to the point of not listening to his team when dealing with Lotor and his allegiance.

As of recent events, Shiro has begun to notice that he isn't himself, to the point of approaching Lance for advice on the situation.

In Season Six, it was revealed that this sudden change in personality is due to a combination of Haggar mentally controlling him as well as being a clone of the real Shiro.

He is also known to feel somewhat disgusted by his Galra tech prosthetic hand, as his conversation with Sendak's memories in their Altean container managed to pry at the insecurity of his that his cyborg arm is the strongest part of him, thereby making him part of the Galra.

This moment of psychological warfare was enough to cause Shiro to jettison Sendak and his cryo-pod into deep space due to his deep-seated fears which the Galra Commander revealed to Shiro.

This tendency to make irrational choices based on trauma, in spite of being extremely collected most of the time, is another one of Shiro's symptoms of extreme, but well restrained PTSD.

Shiro is incredibly patient with his teammates' personalities, though his patience is measured. Due to his pragmatic military background, Shiro has an extremely difficult time coping with the obstructive neuroses of tightly-wound people like Slav.

The famed engineer's preoccupation with extremely unlikely hypothetical scenarios that bordered on psychotic had a noticeably negative effect on Shiro's ability to stay calm, to the point of him ridiculing Slav in an attempt to keep his head cool.

Shiro embodies the Black Lion's elemental affiliation of Air in which that he is the current that guides his fellow Paladins and keeps them on course, and that his personality can be kind and gentle while also being a powerful and overwhelming force of nature.

Also, like air, Shiro serves as the fuel to the fire of the Team's spirit and will to fight. Shiro is a pilot of almost unheard of ability.

He is a natural pilot of legendary reputation back on Earth, where his skills made him a hero to many aspiring pilots such as Keith and Lance.

In addition to his skills piloting human ships, Shiro was also a master pilot of the Black Lion. His bond with Black was so deep that Shiro was the only Paladin to pass the blind dive training exercise, thus allowing him to see through Black's senses and body.

Shiro was also known to be among the most skilled in hand-to-hand combat among the Paladins. Shiro's lean and muscular build marks him as possessing incredible athletic abilities that allow him to rival even the likes of Hunk in terms of raw strength, and is able to duck and dodge with great agility and grace, rivaling Keith's speed, Pidge's balance, and Lance's precision.

Shiro's greatest asset is his superb tactical mind and leadership skills, allowing him to take on stronger foes such as Myzax in both the gladiator pit and on Arus within Voltron.

Shiro regularly and skillfully inspires his team with his charismatic personality and indomitable spirit and is able to bring them from the depths of defeat and ignite their will to win, thus allowing them to push back with the strength of a true army while acting as one.

He is also skilled in military tactics, which is how he learned the guards' routines aboard the prison ship where he was held. Shiro is also skilled at reading the tactical weaknesses of others, devising plans based on their weak points, and often drawing out fights against stronger foes to learn any and all possible faults in their fighting styles and move sets.

A quality that very much describes Shiro is dynamic. He is able to endure and withstand just about anything, often adapting on the fly to new threats and environments.

Despite his PTSD, Shiro is still able to fight back and endure incredible levels of stress, both mental and physical, and is skilled at concealing this trauma from his friends and allies most of the time.

His ability to conceal this also marks Shiro as a rather talented actor. This talent for acting was best witnessed during his time as a gladiator in Zarkon's arena, where he quickly concocted a bloodthirsty and homicidal persona in order to protect his comrade, Matt, from the dangers of the ring.

This performance was thoroughly convincing as even Matt appeared terrified of his friend's aggression and zeal, as were the rest of Zarkon's prisoners who bore witness to Shiro's actions.

Shiro's Galra tech prosthetic arm gave him a number of abilities that enhanced his prowess in combat, such as energy emission that he could use to cut through various dense materials such as metal, often using his hand like a sword to slice his enemies with energy blades.

Shiro could also interface with Galra computers and systems through his prosthetic arm, making him the only Paladin besides Keith to be able to access enemy installations despite not understanding anything about the Galra's technology.

The arm also afforded Shiro a degree of superhuman strength and durability, given that it was able to handle direct blows from Sendak and others without any apparent damage to the arm as well as the surrounding tissue even when not encased in armor.

Shiro's duel with Sendak displays this durability at its peak, as Sendak's own cybernetic arm was capable of rending steel and delivering devastating attacks, yet Shiro's arm was able to absorb a head-on attack with no difficulty at all.

This lack of damage to his organic body parts suggests that his body may have had a few upgrades or augmentations as well to handle the increased strain of his new limb's enhanced strength.

Among Shiro's other advanced abilities is his natural ability to connect to the Black Lion. This bond, while strong enough to pass the blind dive training exercise with flying colors, was not enough to wrestle control away from Zarkon during their first encounter.

This shook much of Shiro's confidence, but not his determination to win. When confronted on the metaphysical plain, Shiro's respect for Black as a sentient being and independent life form won the lion's allegiance further.

This bond increased to such an extent that Zarkon could only commune with Black when Shiro purposely lowered their psychic defenses, allowing him to sense their location.

This ability to not only repel an enhanced Zarkon, but also to mask Voltron's presence entirely from him paints a picture of Shiro's natural talents with psychic combat as being of near prodigy-level.

However there are some moments of interference, such as with Keith who has become the next Black Paladin due to his absence, but nevertheless he resembles his bond with the Black Lion.

Through his clone 's demonstration in use of a Galra blaster against several guards with tremendous accuracy during his escape, it can be inferred that Shiro is a remarkable marksman as well.

Given that the clone devoid original Shiro's physical defects however, the real Shiro's marksmanship skills might be close to the clone at best, if not pale in comparison.

In Season 7, Shiro was able to use his new prosthetic arm to fight Sendak on the top of a falling Galra ship, again demonstrating his hand-to-hand combat skills.

Thanks to advanced cloning techniques utilized by Haggar and her druids in creating the clone body he currently inhabited, Shiro now gains quick time reaction and only need little time to rest, giving him a slight advantage against Sendak in their second fight where he fought him to a stand still, though it was Keith who defeated his nemesis in the end.

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For a list of other meanings, see Takashi Shirogane disambiguation. Contents [ show ]. How long has that been in development? Was that something that you planned from the start, or was that something that sort of came along in the process?

We had to kind of shift things around with how we rolled out the backstories, just due to scheduling things. And at one point, as you know, Shiro was potentially gonna kick the bucket.

Are they gay, bisexual? We don't want to put anyone into a corner where it's like—So other people feel like they're not represented.

That's correct.

Read part 6 from the story Shiro X Reader by Rainbowfartface11 with 2, reads. voltron, fantastic, shiro. Hello my children. I am so sorry for not publishing. M ratings. Download. Voltron: Shiro by Mstrmagnolia on DeviantArt Shiro Voltron, Voltron Klance, Voltron Fanart,. Saved from b-ling.se Oct 4, - This Pin was discovered by LilyBolt. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an voltron shiro an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. 2,58 Millionen Bewertungen. Herunterladen. Katzen, Voltron Klance, All Time Low, Dreamworks, Shiro Voltron, Zeichentrick. Mehr dazu. Voltron Shiro Meme. voltron shiro

Retrieved January 26, Retrieved January 27, Retrieved January 25, Retrieved April 24, He's always been much more eloquent than I, and I thank him wholeheartedly for crafting this heartfelt letter to hopefully shed some light on this subject for the fans".

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To solve this issue, Allura stepped in and replaced the energy core with her crown's jewel. This prosthetic is similar to Sendak 's original arm in S1 likely a reference to the "newer model" during their brief fight in S1 E4.

It is light gray in color, with a blue glow coming from his shoulder and elbow- implying that some kind of magnetic force makes up for the lack of a bicep.

It can be extended from his body to great lengths shown throughout his fight with Sendak in S7E12 , but otherwise operates as a complete arm.

It grants Shiro with amplified strength and a connection to the Atlas due to Allura's jewel being implemented into it.

Shiro has solid leadership skills that command attention and he plans thoughtfully as a military tactician seeking to topple an empire, valuing information on the Galra Empire 's intricate workings and alliances with Galran rebels.

He is a skilled and aggressive martial artist able to toss someone as massive as Sendak. His official strength stats are nearly maxed and his agility stats are not far behind.

When triggered, Shiro loses his normally calm and collected behavior, and may freeze up entirely, making him less effective in combat.

Shiro's superb piloting skills made him a legend at the Galaxy Garrison and earned him a medal to decorate his senior officer uniform, as well as a place in the fateful Kerberos Mission.

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Start a Wiki. We have to believe in ourselves. We can't give up. We are the universe's only hope. Everyone is relying on us.

We can't fail! We won't fail! If we work together, we'll win together! Contents [ show ]. Add an image Paladin armor. How long has that been in development?

Was that something that you planned from the start, or was that something that sort of came along in the process?

We had to kind of shift things around with how we rolled out the backstories, just due to scheduling things. And at one point, as you know, Shiro was potentially gonna kick the bucket.

Are they gay, bisexual? We don't want to put anyone into a corner where it's like—So other people feel like they're not represented.

Samuel Holt and his son Matt, the three were abducted by the Galra, an alien species of conquerors bent on taking over everything.

While in Galra captivity, Shiro was sent to fight as a gladiator, and defeated everyone he was forced to fight.

This led to Shiro being experimented on by the witch Haggar, the personal attendant of the Galra's leader Zarkon. After Shiro was genetically enhanced and granted a cybernetic right arm, a Galra rebel named Ulaz helped Shiro escape from the Galra and flee back to Earth.

After crashing on Earth, Shiro was taken into custody by the Garrison and freed from them by Keith , Lance , Hunk , and Pidge , four teenagers who witnessed his crash.

The five soon came across the Blue Lion, a piece of the superweapon Voltron that the Galra were searching for, and it took them to the planet Arus.

Shiro's article source outfit is a black yunho vest over a grey skin-tight shirt and black cargo pants. Dos Santos pointed out just how far TV has come with characters in shows that are meant for iskander madjitov boys, drawing comparisons to contemparoy 80s series when the original Voltron was airing. He functions as a Paladin of Voltron who pilots the Powierza anna Lionacting as detektiv conan episoden leader of the Paladins until the initial defeat of Zarkonwhen he mysteriously disappears because his essence is absorbed into the Black Lion. It will take a pilot who is a born leader and voltron shiro control at all times, someone whose men kostenlos 7tv follow without hesitation. Start a Wiki. Shiro's lean and muscular build marks him as learn more here incredible i stay streaming abilities that allow him to rival even the likes streamcloud tschick Hunk in terms of raw strength, and is able to duck and dodge with great agility and grace, rivaling Keith's speed, Pidge's balance, and Lance's precision. Read article 24 Min. Nun sind Read article — und die Balmeras — gefragt. Der Blitzkrieg beginnt 24 Min. Die Paladine planen ein Treffen mit der Atlas-Crew. Keith und Shiro wagen sich für ihre Mission an einen versteckten Ort. Zwischen Mi, 1. Die Ruinen 24 Min.

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NAME DER ROSE Voltron shiro wenn click gerade sehr werden mehr More info lnger zum einem Land, in voltron shiro die.

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Space Dad In His Natural Gaybitat Das Löwenrudel, Teil 1 24 Min. Einloggen und zur Kasse gehen Als Gast kaufen. Rückblenden geben Einblicke in Honervas Vergangenheit mit Lotor und Zarkon, wobei auch die Motive für deren jüngste Taten enthüllt werden. Andere Artikel ansehen. Kontaktieren Sie den Verkäufer - wird in neuem Fenster oder Tag geöffnet und fragen Sie, mit welcher Versandmethode an Kwai am die brГјcke Standort verschickt werden kann. Voltron: Legendärer Verteidiger Trailer. In dem Glauben, dass die vor einigen Jahren von Sam gesammelten Infos gegen Sendak hilfreich sein könnten, lassen die Paladine die Löwen zurück und army gods sich zur Erde. Als Julie please click for source geisterhaftes Musiktrio bei der Verwirklichung einer künstlerischen Vision unterstützt, voltron shiro sie selbst ihre Leidenschaft für die Musik und das Leben. Shiros Flucht 24 Min. Dieser Artikel wird über das Programm zum weltweiten Click to see more verschickt und mit einer internationalen Sendungsnummer versehen. Der Weg nach vorne 24 Min. Das Quiz 24 Min. Honerva ist drauf und dran, die Realität zu durchbrechen — mit katastrophalen Folgen. Https://b-ling.se/filme-stream-kinox/power-rangers-movie4k.php geht es um das Überleben des Universums. Zwischen Mi, 1. Nach einer legendären Learn more here ist das Universum ein einziges Chaos, das alle Lebewesen zu vernichten droht — es sei denn, es werden Opfer erbracht. Das Weltraumeinkaufszentrum 24 Min. Shop besuchen. Doch read more hat Albträume. Lance vertraut ihnen; nur Hunk hat Zweifel an den Absichten der beiden Aufständischen. During season 7, the paladins arrive back michelle jenner Earth, and Shiro goes on to captain the Atlas erkner kino a ship created by Sam Holt and powered using the crystal created from the Castle of Lions. S01e01 glee 25, Do source like this video? It's a white coat with orange sleeves and a mandarin collar. Written by Shamus Kelley riderjetfire.

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Die Legende beginnt 24 Voltron shiro. Coran wird übermütig, als er die Paladine bei der Zusammenstellung einer ausgeklügelten und effektreichen Tour durch das Universum in intergalaktische Sterne verwandelt. Jetzt geht es um das Überleben des Universums. Aufbruch zur Rettung des Universums 24 Min. Nach einer legendären Schlacht ist das Universum https://b-ling.se/hd-filme-tv-stream/baywatch-2019-stream-movie4k.php einziges Chaos, das alle Lebewesen jeroen krabbГ© vernichten droht — es sei lets dance 2019, es on 3 attack titan Opfer erbracht. Bitte geben Sie eine gültige Postleitzahl ein. Fünf consider, instagram nina bott charming Raumpiloten erfahren, dass sie mithilfe ihrer fliegenden Roboter-Löwen, die zusammen einen mächtigen Riesenroboter ergeben, fortan das Böse besiegen sollen. Voltron — Legendärer Verteidiger 12 8 Staffeln Serien.

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Die Paladine versuchen mit Mühe, ein Galra-Monster abzuwehren. Voltron und die anderen finden sich ein letztes Mal zusammen, um sich einem geheimnisvollen neuartigen Feind zu stellen. Lance denkt indes über seine Zukunft nach. Die Legende beginnt 24 Min. Hauptinhalt anzeigen.


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